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Smallest Micro ring System in the world


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Lusciouslox.. the worlds smallest hair extension system

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Original and the best

 are the inventors of this tip and provides a patended revolutionary designed hair extension that allows a hairdresser to install the most undetectable  micro ring hair extension in the world. Lusciouslox is indeed the latest hair extension technology with the smallest tip and a micro ring that is 10 times smaller than all the others.
Lusciouslox provides you with the original tip and  ring like no other!
Lusciouslox patented hair extension is the Newest and most advanced hair extension system on the market. Lusciouslox can be re used for up to 2 years.

Amazing Hair Quality

Our hair is 100% human hair of the highest grade that money can buy.
We have spent years setting up our factory to perfect the production of this hair quality.
Are you sick and tired of hair feeling dry and knotty after only 1 month?
Lusciouslox provides hair that wont knot. We pride ourselves on this point.
This high quality hair is being produce
d only for lusciouslox.
Once your registration has been approved by lusciouslox you will then be able to view prices

Re usable

Can you imagine buying a hair extension only once and using it over and over?
Can you imagine hair extensions that look and feel natural because you cant see them?
Lusciouslox hair extensions are designed to be more natural and less detectable.
They offer you and your clients a rotational plan that ensures hair extensions permanently attached to hair and rotated on to suit your hairs natural cycle and the best thing is you can re use the same hair which cost less in the long term.
Lusciouslox can be used over and over again with some cases even lasing up to 2 years.

The Lusciouslox Tip

Unlike others Lusciouslox has the worlds smallest tip.
The tip is a vital part of the extension especialy for people that want to hide there extensions.
This tip AND THE QUALITY is what makes our extensions like no other.
The small tip is very important espesially for customers that dont want their extensions to be seen e.g like fine hair.

Micro rings of the latest technology

The innovative technology of Lusciouslox allows  not only the smallest micro ring but a hair extension that also has the smallest tip. The hair extension is application executed by a small micro ring called the Lusciouslox ring which is almost invisible.
It is important to note that the tip of the extension has a microfilm which provides a soft surface


Unique technology of Lusciouslox

1) The Lusciouslox tip and ring are the smallest in the world.
    These products are used only by Lusciouslox salons
(see our stockist page) and they are not available elsewhere.

2) The unique technique of Lusciouslox enables the hairdresser to install a hair extension that is the smallest in the world.
     This is exceptionally unique and the most undetectable

3) This technique of Lusciouslox uses “no-glue” or “no-sewing” technique which never damages your natural hair.

4) Lusciouslox technology gives you the perfect length and style of hair you want, in just a few hours.
     Lusciouslox can also provide you with the length and thickness you have always wanted.

5) Lusciouslox hair extensions can last up to 2 years.

6) It is reusable which means it works out to be more cost effective than other methods over a long period of time.
.   Lusciouslox prides itself on provideing the best quality hair that money can buy. Just compare the cost and analyse.

7) Change your hairstyle, or reinstall or tighten your hair extensions with the ease of the removal of lusciouslox.

Hair Extension service without damaging your hair! 

s it possible to service hair extensions without damaging your original hair over a long period of time? Yes! makes it successfully possible for you through its education page for advanced or professional class tutorial. The tutorials videos show you clearly how this advanced system of hair extension works. 

Create an account and shop. To set up an account is FREE.
Feel free to email us if you have any question

Please note: It has been brought to our attention by that inferior copies of our product have surfaced that are not sold by lusciouslox.Unlike lusciouslox these copies will only fall apart or hair qulity will let you down.
Only have your hair done by a stylist/stockist as listed on this website.
If you visit a stylist/stockist be sure to check that they are original lusciouslox or you may end up with an inferior product.
We are the developers of this system, We manufacture and supply world wide. Anything that is not from us is simply a copy.

Things to be aware of when considering a copy.
1.One main point to look out for is the glue on the copies are extreamly larger and visible in the hair and are made of kertin glue.This glue simply melts under heat and disovles after time resulting to your hair extension falling apart.
Our glue is heat resistant (cant melt) chemical and water restsistant. Our product is the orignal and still the best.

.Hair qulaity might not be the same and may become dry just like any other hair extension on the market today.


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