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Smallest Micro ring System in the world

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The Lusciouslox new tip

Orders place between 1st oct and the 7th oct might
experience some delays due to our holiday


First in 2007we launched the world first Nano tip and Now in 2016 …. 9 Years later we announce the new and improved Nano tip

The new tip revealed by lusciouslox is even smaller again.

For all those people wondering the actual hair extension stays the same by still offering their doubles (2 gram extensions) and standard (1 gram extensions) but the tip is less noticeable in the hair.

So the extensions stays the same but we have managed to improve the design of the tip thus making it less noticeable in the hair by
making it a 10th
of the size of the current tip.

How is it different?

Using a air scrambling fusion system developed Giovanni Marangoni we are able to
fuse the extensions with out using any  bonding products.
1. Smaller
2. Flatter
3. Stronger
4. The tip cant be seen

We have spent the last 3 years developing the machinery to make these tips because of the size.

Exclusive to lusciouslox only …..why? …because we are the developers!
Available to purchase now.

If you looking at being part of the action and being involved with us.
Feel free to contact us

Original and the best

Lusciouslox are the inventors of this tip and provides a patented revolutionary designed hair extension that allows a hairdresser to install the most undetectable micro ring hair extension in the world. This product is Australian made and has quickly gained its name in being the best hair extensions. lusciouslox is currently shipped for logistics reasons from our head office in Xiamen.
These extensions come in
so many hair colors to help you avoid hair coloring.

Standard (approx 1 gram) 
Doubles (approx 2 grams)
Our doubles allow you to achieve a thicker result using less extensions.
These results are truly amazing while giving you the best color.
Lusciouslox is indeed the latest hair extension technology with the smallest tip and a micro ring that is 10 times smaller than all the others.
Lusciouslox provides you with the original tip and  ring like no other!


Lusciouslox provides a huge collection of colors.

Now Can you imagine buying a hair extension only once and using it over and over?

Can you imagine hair extensions that look and feel natural because you cant see them?

Lusciouslox hair extensions are designed to be more natural and less detectable.

They offer you and your clients a rotational plan that ensures hair extensions permanently attached to hair and rotated on to suit your hairs natural cycle and the best thing is you can re use the same hair which cost less in the long term.
Lusciouslox can be used over and over again with some cases even lasing up to 2 years.